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Boosting GIO Italia

Some folks have farms, live on private roads or have a business with lots of property and they use an e-bike to get around on their private property, therefore, they can modify their bikes in any fashion they want, but, they cannot bring these mods onto the street else they will get into serious trouble with their illegal for street use e-bike. Things like 60+volts on a 48 volt bike, extra batteries, speed modifications and anything else the mind can conjure up belongs in this forum.

Boosting GIO Italia

Postby tolik1r » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:25 am

i all,

I have a basic model of GIO Italia (500W peak) and thinking about boosting it without replacing controller,

just adding 12V battery. Would be great to hear from Italia owners who’s done that kind of boost.

Can the controller/motor handle it, any long-term impact on either, how it affects battery life,

overheating issues, etc.

I am only looking to increase max speed by 4-5 km/h and distance – by 4-5 km.

Will a 5-7Ah battery instead of 12Ah be enough?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Boosting GIO Italia

Postby orillia3 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:39 pm

I am not sure what the policy of the board is regarding boosting speed. Remember it is illegal to do so when using your ebike on the road, and while the legislation only mandates an $85 fine, law enforcement take the view that you have created a motorcycle and can be charged as a motor vehicle, $5000 for no insurance and various other assorted fines.

If you are adding a battery to boost your speed, it should match the other batteries in characteristics as much as possible as they are all in series and your capacity will be reduced to the smaller or weaker battery if it is a smaller one, and the smaller one will eventually be destroyed, possibly taking out the whole string. Note that you cannot use your existing charger if you have added another battery to the series, so you have to change the charger, or be inventive with two chargers, one for the original, and an additional 12 volts for the added battery. Plus there is also the possibility of blowing your controller as it is engineered for 48 volts, and you are pumping in 60 volts. As I recall the people that have added two batteries in series have all blown their controllers, so the safety margins are not that great.
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Re: Boosting GIO Italia

Postby Lic » Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:07 pm

I know that mine Gio RZR controller has ability to ride faster by connecting 2 points together on pcb. May be GIO Italia has same functionality?
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