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Controller FET/Cap Questions & Electrical considerations

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Controller FET/Cap Questions & Electrical considerations

Postby Jojack » Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:45 am

Hello there!

I've got a few questions about my stock controller, perhaps you guys can help me out. The controller comes off an extinct e-bike (Veloteq 500zx) and I was hoping to do some DIY mods (shunt mod, Lithium, 60V) but I'm not sure if my controller can handle it. I've been browsing as much as I can, and I read that it would be a good idea to double check the component specs to ensure it can handle 60V Max, 52 Nominal. (58.8 really, I'm making my own pack for an engineering project). I've pulled out my controller board and I've found the following information by inspection:

Linear Voltage Regulators: LM317T CC120 VW MAR 552
Large Cap: 63V 1000uF
Smaller Caps: 50V ?uF

I've also attached two pictures of the board, and a spec sheet on the LM317T.


The spec sheet doesn't seem to specify an maximum operating voltage, unless I'm misinterpreting the spec sheet? I really don't want to blow them up if i can avoid it. The big cap says 63V clearly on the side and its inline with the main rails and red wire, so I am assuming (I haven't located a schematic yet) its the cap i'd have to worry about blowing up, and if its 63V I should be good.

The board also doesn't look particularly healthy to me, however its worth noting that it currently functions albeit at less than ideal performance due to some old SLA's [i think]. The two components i'm questioning are the ones directly underneath (burnt looking) and above the shunt (red cap w/cracked top). Any opinions?

Additionally, I haven't located an electrical schematic for my particular model but I've also read that upping the main supply voltage will blow the lights/dash. Are these components typically running through the controller? Or are they split off the main supply elsewhere and merely controlled by the switch that enables them?

*edit: so it appears that my controller only has a linear voltage regulator, not power mosfets... I'm thinking now a controller replacement may be in order*

Looking forward to some knowledge transfers!
I'll keep researching in the mean time.


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Re: Controller FET/Cap Questions & Electrical considerations

Postby Lic » Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:35 pm

First of all - photo's quality - bad. Where is other side of pcb?
If you want to do 60v upgrade - you should change capacitors. Full voltage of 5 lead acid batteries is 13.3 * 5= 66.5v, so 63v is not enough. And usually charger charges 5 batteries up to 75v (15*5). And you need to check FETs if them could support 66v voltage.
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